The story of ANNA V BERG started with the search for fashionable and timeless cashmere pieces at a reasonable price, which was no easy task, especially when producing in Europe. From this challenge, the idea was born early on to realise our visions of producing beautiful knitwear under our own brand.

Over the years, we have accumulated various experiences in our studies and jobs working in fashion design, buying, management and marketing. In the process, we were able to make valuable contacts, so in 2020 we started the journey.


In October 2020 we fulfilled the long-awaited dream by founding our own family business named ANNA V BERG.

Stefany & Anna vom Berg as mother and daughter with their untiring passion for fashion, design & cashmere knitwear started to realize their ideas of timeless and high quality cashmere pieces. Richard, with his marketing and management background, takes care of all the back-office topics concerning the online shop, finances, marketing and sales.


We work for the brand from our headquarter and warehouse located close to the beautiful city of Münster in the countryside as well as from Berlin, where we get our inspiration and ideas to further develop the signature of ANNA V BERG.

The fusion of urban and modern city life with the slowed down country life with dogs and horses helps us to develop a hybrid style for everyone.


Our vision is to produce high quality products for the modern woman. For us, it is important to offer a reasonable price that is accessible to almost everyone who is looking for their new love piece. We want to convince through timeless, seasonless and easy-to-combine styles for your staple wardrobe.


We have our products produced exclusively in Italy, close to the home of Lasagna by Reggio Emilia Romagna and are overjoyed to be able to work with a very experienced knitwear manufacturer that is already run by a family in third generation. We develop our cross-seasonal collections in close cooperation with our partners and are happy to draw inspiration from their many years of expertise and experience.


MADE IN ITALY does not only apply to the production of our sweaters, but also to the high-quality yarns we use. All our stakeholders in the production chain, from the yarn mills to the production houses, are absolute specialists in their field. Some of our pieces are even knitted by the same machines as Chanel & Louis Vuitton knitwear. The years of experience with the machines by the Italian employees brings the high quality that we rely on every day.